Seals of the Court of Appeals and Superior Court
District of Columbia Courts

Filing Fees for the Family Court

Initial Filing Fees

Type Amount
Filing complaint or petition                                                                                                                $80.00
Filing Intervening Petition $80.00
Filing Counterclaim $20.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Type Amount
Filing motion (except motion under SCR-Dom. Rel. 41) $20.00
Filing motion to reinstate under SCR-Dom. Rel. 41) $35.00
For issuing alias summons or alias writ $10.00
For attachment before judgment (including writ) $20.00
For writ of habeas corpus $10.00
For writ of ne exeat $10.00
For search of record, for each name searched $10.00
For taking affidavit or affirmation, administering oath $1.00
For each certified copy or true seal copy $5.00
For each photocopy provided by clerk, per page $0.50
For application for a marriage license (includes issuance) $35.00
For registering authorizations to perform marriages and issuing certificate (lifetime authorization) $35.00
For each certified copy of an application for marriage license $10.00
For each certified copy of a marriage license $10.00
For each duplicate marriage license $10.00
For each certified copy of authorization to perform marriage $10.00

Post Judgment Fees

Type Amount
For issuing attachment on judgment                                                                                                   $20.00
For issuing writ of fieri facias or writ of execution $20.00
For issuing triple seal $20.00
For filing notice of appeal $100.00

The charges for any item not set forth above shall be the same as specified in the schedule of fees for cases under Superior Court Civil Rule 202.

COMMENT: Following the general consensus of the Committee these fees in most respects correspond to those as set by Superior Court Civil Rule 202. The fee schedule in use in

the Domestic Relations Branch is incorporated for specific items peculiar to the practice. A general reference is made to the Civil Division rule to cover those rare instances that might

make this necessary. As a result fees for all complaints and petitions are standardized. Persons who are unable to pay court fees may apply for waiver of fees pursuant to D.C. Code § 15-712.