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Office of the Auditor-Master - Overview

The Office of the Auditor-Master in Superior Court is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability within the judicial system.

Our mission is to provide impartial, accurate, and thorough financial analysis, reporting, and oversight in matters referred by the Superior Court. Through meticulous investigations and comprehensive evaluations, we aim to support the administration of justice and protect the interests of all parties involved.

We are committed to ensuring compliance with court orders, safeguarding fiduciary responsibilities, and facilitating fair and equitable resolutions in civil, family, tax, litigation, and trust cases.

Cases are referred to the Auditor-Master by Orders of Reference, pursuant to D.C. Super. Ct. Dom. Rel. R. 53. In other words, Auditor-Master cases are not filed by members of the public, but referred from divisions. A majority of cases are referred from the Civil, Family Court Operations, and Probate Divisions.


History of the Office

The Office was created by D.C. Code §11-1724, which states:

  • “There shall be an Auditor-Master of the Superior Court who shall (1) execute orders of reference referred by the Superior Court and perform duties in connection with the execution of such orders in accordance with Rule 53 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or other applicable rule, and (2) perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Superior Court.”
  • The Auditor-Master is a standing special master who may be assigned broader powers than those set forth in D.C. SCR-CIVIL RULE 53, pursuant to D.C. Code §11-1724.
  • There have been three previous Auditor-Masters: John Follin, Esq., Anita Isicson, Esq., and Louis L. Jenkins, Esq.
  • The current Auditor-Master of the Superior Court is Reginald Harris, Esq.



Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns or questions.

  • Telephone Number: 202-626-3280
  • Fax Number: 202-626-3291
  • Email: Auditor.Master [at] (General) | AMFinancialbox [at] (Sensitive Information)
  • Location: 500 Indiana Avenue, NW, Suite 3605, Washington, DC 20001
Office Activities and Process

Activities of the Office

  • Financial Investigations and Reporting: The Auditor-Master conducts investigations of fiduciary accounts and other financial matters referred by the court. This involves determining the value of assets, making complex financial calculations, and presenting reports with proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law to the court.
  • Oversight of Real and Personal Property: The Auditor-Master oversees the sale and distribution of real and personal property in estates. This includes issuing orders related to the sale of real property, such as eviction orders and orders approving listing agreements and real estate sales contracts, as well as overseeing the valuation and distribution of personal property.
  • Facilitate Settlements: The Auditor-Master can facilitate settlement agreements between parties by evaluating their claims and proposing structures and strategies for negotiation and settlement.
  • Monitoring and Compliance: The Auditor-Master monitors compliance with court orders and ensures that fiduciaries are properly managing the assets under their control. This includes ensuring that accountings are accurate and complete, and addressing any issues of non-compliance.
  • Additional responsibilities in specific divisions:
    • Civil Division: The Auditor-Master handles complex financial calculations and valuations in civil litigation cases, including assessing damages and ensuring compliance with financial obligations ordered by the court.
    • Family Court Operations Division: In family law cases, the Auditor-Master is involved in the evaluation of financial matters such as spousal and child support, distribution of marital assets, and other financial disputes between family members.
    • Litigation (LIT) Cases in the Probate Division: The Auditor-Master evaluates financial matters in complex litigation cases, ensuring accurate calculation of damages, financial settlements, and compliance with court orders involving financial transactions.
    • Tax Division: The Auditor-Master assesses tax-related issues referred by the court, including disputes over estate taxes, property taxes, and other tax obligations. This includes ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with tax laws.
    • Trust Cases in the Probate Division: The Auditor-Master oversees the administration of trusts, ensuring that trustees are managing the trust assets according to the terms of the trust and applicable laws. This includes evaluating the financial activities of trustees and ensuring proper distribution of trust assets.


Auditor-Master Process

  1. Order of Reference
    • The court issues an order of reference, directing the Auditor-Master to investigate and report on specific financial matters in a case.
    • The order outlines the scope of the Auditor-Master's duties, including the specific issues to be examined.
  2. Initial Review and Planning
    • The Auditor-Master receives and reviews the order of reference to understand the scope and requirements, and files an affidavit confirming there is no conflict with the Auditor-Master handling the case.
    • An initial status hearing with the parties will be scheduled to outline the process, gather initial information, and set timelines.
  3. Collection of Documents and Information
    • The Auditor-Master requests relevant financial documents and information from the parties involved, such as bank statements, tax returns, financial statements, and other pertinent records.
    • Subpoenas may be issued if necessary to obtain documents from third parties.
  4. Hearings and Trials
    • The Auditor-Master conducts hearings or trials with the parties and other relevant individuals to gather additional information and clarify details.
    • Expert consultations may be arranged if specialized knowledge is required.
  5. Analysis
    • The Auditor-Master performs a detailed legal and/or financial analysis based on the collected documents and information.
    • This analysis may include valuing assets, calculating income, assessing liabilities, and determining financial discrepancies.
  6. Drafting Findings and Recommendations
    • The Auditor-Master prepares a draft report setting forth the findings of fact, conclusions of law and recommendations based on the analysis of the investigation.
    • The draft report is shared with the parties for review and comment.
  7. Addressing Feedback
    • The Auditor-Master may receive feedback from the parties and make any necessary adjustments to the report.
    • Additional information or clarification may be requested to address any concerns raised by the parties.
  8. Final Report Preparation
    • The Auditor-Master finalizes the report, incorporating all necessary revisions and ensuring that it comprehensively addresses the issues outlined in the order of reference.
    • The report includes detailed findings, conclusions, and any recommended actions or remedies.
  9. Filing the Report
    • The final report is filed with the court.
    • Copies of the report are provided to the parties involved.
  10. Court Review and Further Proceedings
    • The court reviews the Auditor-Master's report and may schedule a hearing to discuss the findings and recommendations.
    • The court may adopt the report, modify it, or use it as a basis for further proceedings or orders.
  11. Follow-Up and Compliance Monitoring
    • If the court issues orders based on the Auditor-Master's report, the Auditor-Master may have to monitor compliance with those orders.
    • Periodic follow-up reports may be required to ensure ongoing compliance and resolution of the issues.
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If you have questions, contact the Office of the Auditor-Master at 202-626-3280.

Office of the Auditor Master

500 Indiana Ave., NW, Room 3605
Washington, DC 20001

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