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For All Hearings: Read your court notice carefully to see whether your hearing is in-person, remote, or hybrid, and whether the judge will be on the courtroom. Learn more about the different hearing types here.

For In-Person Hearings: Most courtrooms are in the Moultrie Courthouse, but cases are also heard in Building A or Building B. In those instances, the courtroom will be preceded by a letter indicating the building (e.g. B-53 is courtroom 53 in Building B; A-46 is courtroom 46 in Building A).

If you appear in-person for a remote hearing, you can participate at the courthouse.
Superior Court Cases as of
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Party Case No Time Courtroom
ABNEY, LAVOZ 2022-CMD-002770 10:00 AM 111
ADDISON, DEWAYNE 2023-CMD-000955 11:00 AM 112
ADDISON, DEWAYNE 2023-CMD-000973 11:00 AM 112
ADDISON, DEWAYNE 2023-CMD-001286 11:00 AM 112
ADGERSON, RICHARD 2023-FUG-008740 02:00 PM C-10
Agurs, Milton L. 2019-SC3-007319 03:00 PM 205
Agurs, Milton L. 2019-SC3-007319 03:00 PM 205
Akl, Olivia 2022-CA-002298-V 09:00 AM MEDCTR
ALEXANDER, ALVIN ADOLPHUS 2018-CF2-007890 09:30 AM 215
ALEXANDER, LUCY 2023-DRB-002815 02:00 PM JM-4
ALEXANDER, RICKY LEE 2023-DRB-003612 12:00 PM JM-4
ALEXANDER, ZIARA 2023-DRB-002815 02:00 PM JM-4
ALSTON, ABEL 2023-CMD-007436 09:30 AM 314
ALSTON, ABEL 2023-CF3-001269 10:00 AM 317
ALVING-GOMEZ, MIGUEL 2023-DVM-001437 01:00 PM C-10
ANDERSON, ROBIN 2023-CMD-007455 09:30 AM 111
ANTHONY, AMIR 2022-DRB-001612 03:00 PM JM-5
AQRAWI, SYLIVEAN 2023-DRB-003605 11:00 AM JM-4
AUSTIN, ABEL 2023-CMD-006980 09:30 AM 314
AVENT, RAYMOND 2019-CF1-009618 09:00 AM 301
BADGETT, ERIC ZYKEHI 2023-CF2-006170 09:30 AM 213
BADGETT, ERIC ZYKEHI 2023-CF3-007823 09:30 AM 213
BADGETT, ERIC ZYKEHI 2023-CF3-007824 09:30 AM 213
BAHAM, KEITH 2020-CF1-002152 09:00 AM 301