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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are published in print and on the DCCA website. They are binding precedent, which means they can be cited as supporting authority in other cases.


The court issues a Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an issue of continuing public interest, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The decisions are issued by the panel (per curiam), not under the name of an individual judge. They are not published, and except as permitted by Appellate Rule 28(g), they may not be cited as supporting authority in other cases. For that reason, the court only lists online the names and case numbers of MOJs that have been issued. If a party or other interested person believes that a specific MOJ should be published, the party or interested person may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
18-FS-1179 In re Petition of C.R. & A.D; A.H Jan 24, 2020 Affirmed
18-CV-1177 Kokayi v. Taylor Jan 24, 2020 Vacated and remanded
17-FM-1426+ Oliver v. Crater Jan 23, 2020 Affirmed
17-CO-1168 Brown v. United States Jan 23, 2020 Affirmed
17-CF-883 Lewis v. United States Jan 23, 2020 Affirmed
-- There were no opinions released on January 23, 2020 Jan 23, 2020
18-CO-327 Duncan v. United States Jan 23, 2020 Affirmed
18-AA-755 DuBose v. DC Board of Dentistry Jan 22, 2020 Affirmed
19-CM-22 Olowofoyeku v. United States Jan 22, 2020 Affirmed
17-CM-1332 Brown v. United States Jan 21, 2020 Affirmed
18-CV-687 Robinson v. Franklin & Rocky Properties, LLC Jan 17, 2020 Affirmed
18-CM-434 Wilson v. United States Jan 17, 2020 Affirmed
18-BG-338 In re Gregory L. Lattimer Jan 16, 2020 Per Curiam
18-CV-227 Pricer v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Jan 10, 2020 Affirmed
-- There were no opinions released on January 9th, 2020. Jan 09, 2020
17-CV-343+ Northwestern Development Company "B" v. Stanton Communication, Inc. Jan 08, 2020 Vacated and remanded
18-CO-940 Jenkins v. U.S. Jan 07, 2020 Affirmed
18-PR-296 In re McBee Jan 07, 2020 Affirmed
17-CV-1460 Owens v. D.C. Water & Sewer Authority Jan 07, 2020 Affirmed
17-CV-656+ Lefkowitz v. PNC Bank, N.A. Jan 03, 2020 Reversed and Remanded
19-FM-42 Moore v. Henderson Jan 03, 2020 Affirmed
17-CV-543 Forde v. DC Office of Human Rights Jan 03, 2020 Affirmed
18-FS-538 In Re G.D.L Jan 02, 2020 Associate Judge McLeese
19-BG-629 In re Chidinma M. Iwuji Jan 02, 2020 Per Curiam
18-CO-829 Briscoe v. United States Dec 31, 2019 Affirmed
17-CV-1187 Landis v. Dombrowski, M.D., et al Dec 31, 2019 Reversed and Remanded
18-FS-533 In re D.T.; J.T. Dec 26, 2019 Associate Judge Thompson, Dissent by Associate Judge McLeese
17-CV-1273 Porter v. DC Office of Employee Appeals et al Dec 26, 2019 Affirmed
18-CM-974 Cedillos v. United States Dec 23, 2019 Affirmed
18-CV-97 Lattisaw v. District of Columbia Dec 20, 2019 Affirmed
17-CV-253 Dargan v. D.C. Office of Employee Appeals Dec 20, 2019 Vacated and Remanded
18-CO-939 Wright v. United States Dec 20, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-754 Thompson v. DC. DOES and WAMATA Dec 20, 2019 Vacated and Remanded
17-BG-1053 In Re Frederick Schwartz, Jr Dec 19, 2019 Per Curiam
19-BG-886 In Re Jonathan K. O'Neill Dec 19, 2019 Per Curiam
19-BG-658 In Re Stuart R. Blatt Dec 19, 2019 Per Curiam
19-BG-894 In Re Richard M. Blank Dec 19, 2019 Per Curiam
18-CV-191 Civic v. Signature Collision Centers, LLC & H.P. West End, LLC Dec 19, 2019 Judge McLeese
19-BG-672 In Re Charles A. Murray  Dec 19, 2019 Per Curiam
19-BG-276 In re Justin Alan Torres Dec 12, 2019 Per Curiam
18-CV-929 Manago v. Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, et al Dec 11, 2019 Affirmed
18-CF-26 Ahmed v. United States Dec 11, 2019 Affirmed
17-CV-597 In Re Daniel Ira Levy Dec 10, 2019 Affirmed
17-CF-1331 Jones v. United States Dec 06, 2019 Affirmed
18-CM-306 Short v. United States Dec 06, 2019 Affirmed
18-CF-0101 Rogers v. United States Dec 06, 2019 Affirmed
18-CM-662 Myers v. United States Dec 06, 2019 Reversed and Remanded
16-CF-1134 Pitt v. United States Dec 05, 2019 Senior Judge Ferren; Dissenting opinion by Associate Judge Easterly
15-CF-1098 Dozier v. United States Dec 05, 2019 Senior Judge Ruiz; Concurring opinion by Associate Judge McLeese
16-CF-667 & 17-CO-007 Sharp v. United States Dec 04, 2019 Affirmed