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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are published in print and on the DCCA website. They are binding precedent, which means they can be cited as supporting authority in other cases.


The court issues a Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an issue of continuing public interest, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The decisions are issued by the panel (per curiam), not under the name of an individual judge. They are not published, and except as permitted by Appellate Rule 28(g), they may not be cited as supporting authority in other cases. For that reason, the court only lists online the names and case numbers of MOJs that have been issued. If a party or other interested person believes that a specific MOJ should be published, the party or interested person may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
17-CF-1398 Beasley v. United States Nov 21, 2019 Associate Judge Beckwith; Concurring Opinion Senior Judge Nebeker
15-CF-1378 Ruffin v. United States  Nov 21, 2019 Associate Judge Glickman
18-CV-601 The Ethel P. Jones Trust, et al v. Davis, et al Nov 15, 2019 Affirmed Hon. Anthony C. Epstein
13-BG-1447 In Re Scott Adkins Nov 14, 2019 Per Curiam
19-BG-843 In Re Steven Kreiss Nov 14, 2019 Per Curiam
18-CV-1194 Day v. Muhammad, et al Nov 08, 2019 Affirmed
18-CV-878 Neighbors' Consejo v. The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness Nov 08, 2019 Affirmed
17-CM-994 Foster v. United States Nov 07, 2019 Judge Beckwith
18-CF-477 Miller v. United States Nov 06, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-1027 Acevedo v. DC DOES and Brothers Concrete Construction, et al Nov 06, 2019 Affirmed
17-CF-528+ Andrade, Jr. et al v. United States Oct 31, 2019 Affirmed
15-CV-18 Yancey v. District of Columbia Oct 31, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-1114 Committee of Neighbors Directly Impacted by LAMB Application v. DC Board of Zoning Adjustment and LAMB Public Charter School Oct 31, 2019 Chief Judge Blackburne-Rigsby
18-AA-923 Smith v. DC DOES & DC Water Oct 31, 2019 Affirmed
19-BG-586 In Re Lawrence R. Radanovic Oct 31, 2019 Per Curiam
17-CF-1401 Meredith v. United States Oct 31, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-700 Transit Employees FCU v. DC Commission on Human Rights Oct 30, 2019 Affirmed in part, Vacated in part, and remanded in part
18-FM-624 Blount v. Grier Oct 30, 2019 Remanded
17-CF-451 Wilkerson v. United States Oct 25, 2019 Affirmed in part, Remanded in part
17-CV-1409 Webb v. CFM Management Ser/Capitol Park IV Condo Oct 25, 2019 Affirmed
17-CF-82 Champion v. United States Oct 25, 2019 Affirmed
17-CV-357 McCutchen, Jr. v. US Bank, National Association  Oct 25, 2019 Affirmed
19-SP-533 In Re Prosecution of Nicco Settles Oct 24, 2019 Judge McLeese
17-CV-1410 800 Southern Avenue, LLC, v. Scott Oct 24, 2019 Reversed and Remanded
18-CV-946 Ndoromo v. Honorable Jeff. Sessions, et al Oct 23, 2019 Affirmed
17-FM-1444 Starks v. Davis Oct 22, 2019 Affirmed
17-CF-1166 Tardy v. United States Oct 22, 2019 Vacated in part/Remanded in part/ Affirmed in part
18-CO-1029 Buskey v. United States Oct 22, 2019 Affirmed
17-CO-855 Middleton v. United States Oct 22, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-117 Wang v. D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board & 1642 U Street, Inc. D/B/A Chi-Cha Lounge Oct 18, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-1090 Cain v. DC DOES and Hobart, Inc., et al. Oct 18, 2019 Affirmed
17-PR-627 In re Brenda L. Washington; Bruce E. Gardner Oct 18, 2019 Affirmed
18-AA-118 First Transit , et al. v. DC DOES and Henry Baker Oct 18, 2019 Vacated and Remanded
17-CV-1125 Taylor v.  Thomas and ReMax 2000 Oct 18, 2019 Affirmed
18-BG-803 In Re Jay S. Weiss Oct 17, 2019 Per Curiam
17-PR-1177 In Re Pearl Robinson; Bruce E. Gardner  Oct 17, 2019 Per Curiam
17-FM-11 Ettridge v. Turtil Oct 16, 2019 Affirmed
16-CF-1189 Harris v. United States  Oct 16, 2019 Affirmed
17-CM-1181 Henry v. United States Oct 16, 2019 Affirmed
17-CF-1417 Shuler v. United States Oct 16, 2019 Affirmed
18-CV-469 Taylor v. Thomas Oct 15, 2019 Affirmed
18-CV-280 & 18-CV-776 Crescent Bank & Trust v. Annie Jones-Bey Oct 11, 2019 Affirmed
19-BG-37 In Re Monique A. Tovar Oct 10, 2019 Per Curiam
17-CV-872 Sium v. Office of State Superintendent of Education Oct 10, 2019 Associate Judge Easterly
19-BG-901 In Re Michael G. Hoehn Oct 10, 2019 Per Curiam
18-AA-479 Niles v. DC DOES and WAMATA Oct 10, 2019 Chief Judge Blackburne-Rigsby
17-CM-982 Iledare v. United States Oct 09, 2019 Affirmed
19-BG-486 In re John F. Lakin Oct 03, 2019 Per Curiam
18-CV-309 Woodruff v. Cunningham Oct 03, 2019 Affirmed
17-CV-246 Roebuck v. District of Columbia Office on Aging Oct 03, 2019 Reversed and Remanded