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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court issues a Memorandum Order of Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an important issue, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The court only lists the names and case numbers of MOJs; the decisions are not public and the identity of the writing judge is not disclosed. MOJ decisions may not be cited as authority in other cases. If a party believes that a specific MOJ decides an important issue or should otherwise be made public, a party may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are public; they are available on the court website and are binding in later cases.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
16-BG-1017 In re Nathaniel H.Speights Nov 22, 2017
16-CV-404 Ernest Hunter v. DC Child & Family Servs. Agency Nov 17, 2017 Affirmed Hon. John M. Mott
16-BG-1149 In re James Q. Butler Nov 16, 2017
16-CF-285 Tyrone Wade v. United States Nov 16, 2017
16-CO-832 Herbert Arrington v. US Nov 15, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Ronna Lee Beck
15-CF-852 Jarod Yorkshire v. US Nov 14, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Jennifer M. Anderson
15-CV-934 Metropolitan DC Health Consortium, Inc., et al. v. DC Nov 14, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Thomas J. Motley
16-CV-201 Kathy R. Allen v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. & Fannie Mae Nov 09, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Robert Okun
15-CM-822 Elaine Jones v. US Nov 09, 2017
17-BG-1075 In re Berhan Dargie Nov 09, 2017
15-CO-902 & 15-CO-903 Grace McGuire v. US Nov 09, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Jennifer M. Anderson
16-SP-1148 In re Prosecution of Clinton Perrow Nov 09, 2017
15-CV-752 Barbara Harrison Pyles v. HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as Trustee for Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp. Nov 09, 2017
17-BG-488 In re Darrell N. Fuller Nov 09, 2017
14-CF-779 David E. Warren v. US Nov 08, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Rhonda Reid Winston
15-AA-571 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority v. Shawn A. Brim Nov 08, 2017 Affirmed Office of Administrative Hearings
16-CO-216 Reginald Williams v. US Nov 07, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Russell F. Canan
16-CV-665 Beverly G. Lewis-Rachal & Anthony M. Rachal, III v. Three Washington Circle Condominium Unit Owners Ass'n Nov 06, 2017 Affirmed Hon. John M. Mott
15-CM-233 Kareem Johnson v. US Nov 06, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Fern Flanagan Saddler
16-CO-971 Tywon M. Hager v. US Nov 06, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Gregory Jackson
15-CM-1429 John L. Giddeons v. US Nov 06, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Harold L. Cushenberry, Jr.
17-BG-229 In re: Richard L. Denman Nov 02, 2017
17-BG-568 In re: Scott B. Gilly Nov 02, 2017
17-BG-694 In re: Wright H. Lewis Nov 02, 2017
17-BS-265 In re: Chernor M. Jalloh Nov 02, 2017
17-BG-571 In re: Russell W. Warnock Nov 02, 2017
16-AA-907 ShaDonna Jackson v. DC Dept. of Employment Services Nov 02, 2017 Affirmed Compensation Review Board
14-CV-633 District of Columbia v. ExxonMobil Oil Corp., et al. Nov 02, 2017
17-BG-539 In re: Pamela B. Stuart Nov 02, 2017
17-BS-608 In re: Gerald F. Chapman Nov 02, 2017
16-FM-554 Nancy M. Sostaric v. Stjepan Sostaric Oct 31, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Anthony C. Epstein
15-CF-349 Kevin A. Walker v. US Oct 31, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Russell F. Canan
16-CM-970 Lawrence Thompson v. US Oct 30, 2017 Affirmed Hon. William W. Nooter
16-CV-221 Linda McCauley v. Robert Hess, et al. Oct 27, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Jeanette J. Clark
16-FM-839 Ona Reckling v. Leonard C. Rayford Oct 27, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Joan Zeldon
17-BS-916 In re: James R.J. Scheltema Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1081 In re: Ricardo Vidal Oct 26, 2017
16-BG-154 In re: Robert W. Mance, III Oct 26, 2017
15-CF-309 Amended Opinion Jerome Proctor, Jr. Oct 26, 2017
17-BG-534 In re: Alecia Schmuhl Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1079 In re: Donald B. Terrell Oct 26, 2017
17-BG-224 In re: Randy McRae Oct 26, 2017
15-CF-309 Order Jerome Proctor, Jr. Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-489 In re: Linda K. Hanten Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1080 In re: Robert Geoffrey Broderick Oct 26, 2017
13-BG-1238 In re: Wade A. Robertson Oct 26, 2017
15-CF-113 Seth S. Holmes v. US Oct 24, 2017 Affirmed Hon. Milton C. Lee
15-AA-346 Theadus D. Marshall v. Tricom Training Institute Oct 23, 2017 Remanded Office of Administrative Hearings
16-AA-245 Jackie McCall, Jr. v. DC Board of Pharmacy Oct 23, 2017 Affirmed DC Board of Pharmacy
15-CF-1297 Joshua Mebane v. US Oct 23, 2017 Affirmed in part, Remanded in part Hon. Jennifer M. Anderson