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The DC Courts and others make available brochures, guides, and handbooks that give you information about filing various types of cases. Links to these Useful Resources are listed below on this webpage. In addition, some divisions of the DC Courts have prepared forms that you can fill out yourself and file.
The following guides will walk you through the process of representing yourself in an appeal.

Date issued Title Description
11/18/2019 M-266-19

Notice regarding proposed amendments to D.C. App. R. 35(a)

09/20/2019 M-265-19

Notice of Proposed Amendments to Rules 3, 25, and 26.1

04/17/2019 M-264-19

Proposed technical revisions to D.C. App. R. 46(c)(2)

04/17/2019 M-263-19

Additional Notice and Comments for Proposed Revisions to D.C. App. R. 46(c)(4)

11/08/2018 M-262-18

Order and Notice Regarding the Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

05/31/2018 M-261-18

Proposed Amendment to D.C. App. R. 46 Relating to admission of graduates of Non-Accredited Law Schools

05/31/2018 M-260-18

Proposal to Amend D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct 1.2 Relating to Limited-Scope Representation

05/04/2018 M-259-18

Notice of proposed rule change that would enable the Director of the Committee on Admissions for good cause shown to extend beyond the 360 days the period during which a person is authorized to practice pursuant to Rule 49 (c)(8), and must inform the person in writing of the length of the extension.

05/04/2018 M-258-18

Notice considering whether to amend D.C. App. R. 49 (c)(9), which governs pro bono practice by persons who are not active members of the D.C. Bar.

02/12/2016 M-253-16

Notice regarding charges for the reproduction of briefs and appendices.

02/04/2016 M-252-15 Notice pertaining to the proposal to permit third year law students to take the Bar Examination in certain circumstances is re-opened for comments, and the deadline for making comments is March 31, 2016.
10/28/2015 M-252-15

Proposed Amendments to DC App. Rule 46

10/27/2015 M-251-15

Proposed Amendment to Rule XI of the District of Columbia Rules Governing the Bar by Deleting Section 19(f)

06/10/2015 M-245-14 Proposed Amendments to Rule XI, of the District of Columbia Rules Governing the Bar, by changing the title of Bar Counsel to Disciplinary Counsel
10/31/2013 M-237-10

Order and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Pertaining to Extensive Revisions in DC App. R. 48 (Student Practice)

12/14/2012 M-240-11

Proposed new rule related to Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA).  This rule would allow the DC Bar Foundation to establish an IOLTA verification program.

05/23/2007 Proposed Amendment to D.C. Bar R. XI, Sec. 11 (a)

Proposed Amendment to DC Bar R. XI, Sec. 11 (a)

10/25/2006 Proposed Amendments to D.C. App. R. 46 (Bar Admissions)

Proposed Amendments to DC App. R. 46 (Bar Admissions)

12/01/2004 Notice of Correction to D.C. Court of Appeals Rules as Published

Notice of Correction to DC Court of Appeals Rules as Published

01/21/2004 "Night Filing" In the Court of Appeals (Pleadings After Hours)

"Night Filing" In the Court of Appeals (Pleadings After Hours)

10/01/2002 CJA Plan Redefinition of Metropolitan Area (October 2002)

CJA Plan Redefinition of Metropolitan Area (October 2002)

06/24/2016 M-256-16

Proposed Amendments to DCCA Rule 49