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Court of Appeals Notices

Notices that are issued by the DC Court of Appeals are regularly posted to this page.

Date issued Title Description
02/13/2024 M283-24

Notice Concerning Proposed Amendments to D.C. App. R. 49 and the Court of Appeals Internal Operating Procedures.

01/10/2024 M282-24

Notice Concerning Proposed Appellate Rule Modernization and  Rule Concerning Temporary Bar Admission Pathway for Military Spouses.

09/13/2023 M281-23

Notice concerning proposed amendments to the D.C. Bar Rules and proposed changes to D.C. Appellate Rules

03/14/2023 M279-23

Notice regarding proposed amendments to the court rules and Internal Operating Procedures concerning emergency and expedited matters. 

06/14/2022 M278-22

Notice concerning the DCCA adopting proposed amendments from Fed. R. App. P. 25 & 42.

12/20/2021 M276-21

Order Concerning Rule VI of the Rules Governing the District of Columbia Bar, to permit Remote Attendance at Meetings of the Bar

12/14/2021 M277-21

Notice regarding proposed amendments to D.C. App. R. 49.

11/09/2021 M276-21

Notice Concerning Rule VI- DC Bar Remote Meetings.

06/29/2021 M275-21

Notice regarding possible amendments to D.C. App. R. 3(c).

03/09/2021 M274-21

Notice requesting comments on how best to make documents filed with the court electronically available to the public.

02/12/2021 M274-21

Notice regarding the  District of Columbia Court of Appeals’ exploration of how best to make materials filed in the court electronically available to the general public to the extent feasible. 

02/10/2021 M-273-21

Notice to adopt proposed amendments to D.C. App. R. 46.

10/09/2020 M-270-20

Notice regarding whether the court should adopt the amendment to Fed. R. App. P. 40(a)(3)

07/29/2020 M-269-20

Notice regarding Diploma Privilege

02/14/2020 M-268-20

Notice regarding proposed amendment to Comment [1] of D.C. R. Prof. Conduct 6.5. [3-16-20]

01/16/2020 M-267-20

Notice regarding proposed amendments to Internal Operating Procedures of the DC Court of Appeals

11/18/2019 M-266-19

Notice regarding proposed amendments to D.C. App. R. 35(a)

09/20/2019 M-265-19

Notice of Proposed Amendments to Rules 3, 25, and 26.1

04/17/2019 M-264-19

Proposed technical revisions to D.C. App. R. 46(c)(2)

04/17/2019 M-263-19

Additional Notice and Comments for Proposed Revisions to D.C. App. R. 46(c)(4)

11/08/2018 M-262-18

Order and Notice Regarding the Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

05/31/2018 M-261-18

Proposed Amendment to D.C. App. R. 46 Relating to admission of graduates of Non-Accredited Law Schools
(The court has determined not to make any changes at this time to current regulations and policy on the matters addressed in this notice. The rationale for the court’s decision is described here.)

05/31/2018 M-260-18

Proposal to Amend D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct 1.2 Relating to Limited-Scope Representation

05/04/2018 M-259-18

Notice of proposed rule change that would enable the Director of the Committee on Admissions for good cause shown to extend beyond the 360 days the period during which a person is authorized to practice pursuant to Rule 49 (c)(8), and must inform the person in writing of the length of the extension.

05/04/2018 M-258-18

Notice considering whether to amend D.C. App. R. 49 (c)(9), which governs pro bono practice by persons who are not active members of the D.C. Bar.