Seals of the Court of Appeals and Superior Court
District of Columbia Courts

Code of Judicial Conduct

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2018 Edition of the Code of Judicial Conduct for the DC Courts Download
Code of Judicial Conduct 2022 Supplement Download

Opinions of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct of the DC Courts

Title Opinion Download
Judicial Participation in Fundraising, Membership Solicitation, and Grant Applications Opinion No. 15 Download
Public Statements, Protests, and Financial Support Concerning Controversial Causes Opinion No. 14 Download
Disqualification When Former Law Clerks Appear Before Judges. Opinion No. 13 Download
Recusal of a Judge Because of a Relationship with a Financial Institution. Opinion No. 12 Download
Disqualification Of Judge Because Of Child’s Receipt Of Scholarship From University Which Is A Litigant Before Judge. Opinion No. 11 Download
"Practice Of Law" By Senior Judges. Opinion No. 10 Download
Disqualification Of Judge Because Of Spouse's Position As Corporation Counsel. Opinion No. 9 Download
Criteria For Use Of Judge's Name On Letterhead In Solicitation Of Funds. Opinion No. 8 Download
Rules Governing Judicial Clerk's Receipt From Prospective Private Employer Of (1) Travel, Meal, And Lodging Expenses To Cover Recruiting Visits, (2) Pre-Employment Payments To Cover Moving, Housing, And Bar Review Expenses, And (3) Pre-Employment Hiring Bonuses As Rewards For Commitment To Future Employment Or As Advances On First Year Salary. Opinion No. 7 Download
Whether A Judge Of The Superior Court Must Disqualify Himself From Presiding Over Criminal Matters Prosecuted By The Office Of The United States Attorney For The District Of Columbia Because The Spouse Of The Judge Is An Assistant United States Attorney Assigned To The Superior Court. Opinion No. 6 Download
Whether Disqualification Of Judge From Criminal Matters Prosecuted By The United States Attorney's Office Is Necessary Because Of Judge's Past Employment With The Department Of Justice. Opinion No. 5 Download
Criteria Governing A Judge’s Acceptance Of An Invitation To Attend A Bar-Related Function Sponsored By A Specialty Bar Association. Opinion No. 4 Download
When Senior Judges May Act As Arbitrators. Opinion No. 3 Download
Disqualification of Judge Because of Past Employment By Law Enforcement Agencies and Spouse's Present Affiliation with Metropolitan Police Department Opinion No. 2 Download
Application For And Acceptance Of Future Employment By Judicial Law Clerks. Opinion No. 1 Download