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Online Payment Portal

The Superior Court accepts payments for certain court fees, fines and other costs using an electronic portal, PayPort. PayPort accepts debit card, credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa) or ACH transfers/electronic checks.

To pay, customers should contact the divisions as follows:

Division/Branch Phone Email
Criminal Division (202) 879-1840 BondPayPortal [at]
Fines, Fees and Restitution (202) 879-1840 CRMPay [at]
Civil Division    
Civil Actions Branch (202) 879-1133 CivilDocket [at] (CivilDocket[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Landlord & Tenant Branch (202) 879-4879 LandlordandTenantDocket [at] (LandlordandTenantDocket[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Small Claims Branch (202) 879-1120 SmallClaimsDocket [at] (SmallClaimsDocket[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Family Court (202) 879-1212  
Case Payments:   FamilyCourtCIC [at] (FamilyCourtCIC[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Copies:   FamilyCourtCertifiedCopies [at] (FamilyCourtCertifiedCopies[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Marriage licenses & certificates:   MarriageBureauReceipts [at] (MarriageBureauReceipts[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Bonds:   FamilyBonds [at] (FamilyBonds[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Probate Division (202) 879-9460 ProbateInquiries [at] (ProbateInquiries[at]dcsc[dot]gov)
Tax Division (202) 879-1737 TaxDocket [at] (TaxDocket[at]dcsc[dot]gov)

All other fees can be paid via the CaseFileXpress eFiling system at

FEES: PayPort charges a $1 transaction fee and - for debit and credit card payments - an additional 2.5% fee.

For a regular copy of a document or to pay for services by cash, please call the clerk's office for the division that handles the matter such as Civil, Criminal, Domestic Violence, Family, Probate or Tax. Please visit the division's webpage for further information on how to access the payment portal for those matters.

Clerk of Court's July 2021 Order about the Online Payment Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Online Payment Portal



See information about making payments by check.