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You Can Help

Our city is fortunate to have a strong network of civil legal services providers that represent low-income litigants for free. Yet, there is still a large gap between the number of people those organizations can serve and the number of people who can’t afford a lawyer. This leaves far too many unrepresented individuals in cases where the stakes are high to navigate the court system without the benefit of counsel.

The District of Columbia Courts are committed to ensuring access to justice for all who use our court system. We can use your help! If you're a lawyer eligible to practice in the DC Courts, you can help advance access to justice in our Courts and the District.

Getting Started

If you’re a lawyer interested in helping to bridge the access to justice gap in our city, now is the time to get started!

Identify your pro bono goals.

Local legal services providers have pro bono opportunities available and are eager to work with you!

To learn about volunteer opportunities on site at the DC Courts or if you are unsure where to start, please contact jodi.feldman [at] (Jodi Feldman), Pro Bono Manager.

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Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll recognizes the thousands of D.C. Bar members and attorneys practicing under D.C. Court of Appeals Rule 49, who provide desperately needed free legal services to those living in poverty and/or to the small businesses and community-based non-profits that are critical to the economic well-being of our community.

Pro Bono Counsel Testimonials

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Rule 6.1: Voluntary Pro Bono Publico Service

Did you know that Rule 6.1 of the DC Bar Rules of Professional Conduct states that a lawyer should participate in serving those who are unable to pay all or a portion of reasonable attorney’s fees?

DC Refers

DC Refers is an online directory of experienced lawyers who are willing to represent clients of modest means for a reduced fee. Are you interested in joining this innovative initiative to expand access to justice in the District of Columbia for individuals, families, and businesses that do not qualify for free legal services but cannot afford representation at market rates? Consider applying to join DC Refers. Learn more about becoming a DC Refers legal professional here.