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Mental Habilitation Advocate Program

The District of Columbia Mental Habilitation Advocates Program was developed by the DC Superior Court. Under the law, the Superior Court is responsible for accepting petitions and pleadings on behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities who are DC residents and providing each of those petitioners with an advocate. Advocates are to ensure that the constitutional rights of those individuals with intellectual disabilities are protected and that they receive the best quality of services. Advocates are provided a monthly $50 stipend for the fulfillment of their duties.

If you would like to become an advocate, please complete the Advocate Application, Criminal Background Form, and two Volunteer Advocate Reference Forms. You will also need to include a resume with your application. The application, resume and reference forms with original signatures should be mailed to the DC Superior Court's Mental Habilitation Advocate Program at 500 Indiana Avenue, NW, JM -100, Washington, DC 20001.