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How do I find out about adopting a child?

The DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) protects children from abuse and neglect in the District of Columbia. Along with their community partners, CFSA works to ensure that children involved in the public child welfare system grow up in safe, permanent homes with strong families.

CFSA continuously recruits, trains and licenses District residents to be foster parents and also trains individuals, couples and families to adopt. The first step is calling (202) 671-LOVE ((202) 671-5683) where a friendly, knowledgeable social worker will speak with you and answer your questions. CFSA has orientation sessions for prospective foster and adoptive parents every two weeks.


Click on forms below to see all forms related to adoption matters, including:

  • Private/step parent adoptions 
  • Finalized foreign adoptions petitioning for a DC final decree 
  • Break Seal Matters (petitioning the Court for limited access to sealed adoption matters for purposes of obtaining a certified copy of a final decree or post-adoption, agency-facilitated birth family searches - subject to additional applicable agency fees) 
Family Court

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