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Resources for Multi-Door Mediators

This page provides information and resources applicable to all Multi-Door mediators. Mediators receive training on Division policies and procedures when joining a Multi-Door program roster. Updates are typically sent to active mediators via email. Additionally, each mediation program has its own set of policies and procedures that may apply. Mediators should contact program staff if they have questions regarding Division-wide or program-specific policies and procedures.

Continuing Education Requirements

Multi-Door mediators are required to complete 12 hours of mediation training during each two-year term. Two of these hours must be on mediator ethics. Mediators must earn at least half of their continuing education hours through Multi-Door training. Please refer to the full continuing education policy for additional details.

Upcoming continuing education sessions are announced via email and include a registration link. Instructions for registering for a session are available here.

Mediators who attend external training(s) may apply for continuing education credit toward their Multi-Door requirement. Please submit the application, along with proof of attendance, to the ADR Training Manager. Mediators are encouraged to apply for credit within 30 days of the course to ensure that they have the required credits prior to the end of their term.

Multi-Door maintains a DVD library of past trainings that mediators may view to fulfill their training requirements. To schedule a viewing, please contact the Division. Mediators should review the DVD Library policy and DVD Library Collection prior to requesting a viewing.

Mediation Activity Requirements

Activity requirements vary by program. View a chart of all program requirements. Please contact your program officer if you have questions or concerns about meeting these requirements.


Multi-Door mediators may access the Web Voucher System. Please refer to these instructions and the demonstration video for assistance. For voucher questions not addressed by the instructions or video, please contact Multi-Door.


Multi-Door’s Code of Ethical Standards and the DC Uniform Mediation Act provide ethical guidance for our mediators. Mediators should contact the Division if they have questions regarding specific situations or concerns that are not addressed by the UMA or Code of Ethics. Additionally, mediators may speak with program staff at any point in the mediation process if an ethical concern arises.

Mediating with Interpreters

The District of Columbia Courts are committed to ensuring access to justice for individuals with limited English proficiency and individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. The Office of Court Interpreting Services (OCIS) provides professional interpreting services at no cost to assist persons having business with the District of Columbia Courts who have limited English proficiency or who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

OCIS helped prepare a tip sheet and  instructional videos on the use of interpreters in a mediation session. Multi-Door mediators are encouraged to review the tip sheet and videos, particularly if they have an upcoming mediation session where an interpreter will be used.

Program-Specific Resources

Civil Branch Resources

Civil branch mediators (Civil, Small Claims, L&T, Probate, and Tax) may find the resources below helpful:

  • Docket information is publicly available online for some case types. Mediators with pre-mediation party contact may find online case search useful.
  • Mediators handling cases involving slip & falls, auto collisions, or medical malpractice may wish to review trial statistics for these case types on the Jury Verdicts page.
  • Mediators in Civil Actions and/or Landlord & Tenant Jury Demand may wish to use this Pre-Mediation Phone Call Guide when making their pre-mediation calls. If a party or attorney raises a special request for the mediation, please notify your case manager promptly so that preparations may be made (Special requests may include—but are not limited to—large number of mediation participants, shuttle-only mediation, interpreting services, and ADA accommodations).
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Mediation Hours:
Mediation times vary by program. Please click on a specific program to view mediation times.

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