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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are published in print and on the DCCA website. They are binding precedent, which means they can be cited as supporting authority in other cases.


The court issues a Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an issue of continuing public interest, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The decisions are issued by the panel (per curiam), not under the name of an individual judge. They are not published, and except as permitted by Appellate Rule 28(g), they may not be cited as supporting authority in other cases. For that reason, the court only lists online the names and case numbers of MOJs that have been issued. If a party or other interested person believes that a specific MOJ should be published, the party or interested person may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
12-BG-1890 In re: George G. Strott, Jr. Mar 28, 2013
98-CV-763 J. David Leonard v. District of Columbia . Mar 29, 2002
99-CF-524, 01-CO-1279 Vincent Benton v. US Jan 23, 2003
97-BG-114 In re: Matthew J. Travers. Dec 28, 2000
01-CV-23 Hildreth Consulting Engineers, P.C. and Colonia Insurance Company v. Larry E. Knight, Inc. Jun 27, 2002
06-CM-635 Derrick Thomas v. US. Oct 25, 2007
98-CM-753 Daniel W. Brawner v. US Feb 17, 2000
04-CF-1167 Denson v. US. Mar 22, 2007
10-CF-325 Carlton J. Beachum v. United States. May 05, 2011
12-CM-138 Marquette Sharif White v. United States Jun 20, 2013
03-BG-1334 In re: Adam Hosea Levi. Jun 03, 2004
03-BG-389 In re: Bruce D. Blum. Sep 16, 2004
04-BG-917 In re T.C. Richardson. May 05, 2005
04-CV-799 Jones v. Fondufe. Oct 05, 2006
99-CV-1086 Leslie J. Souci v. William C. Smith & Company. Dec 07, 2000
04-CF-258 Cox v. US. May 04, 2006
08-CV-1003+ (order) Rosenthal v. Sonnenschein et al. Mar 18, 2010
10-CF-1466 Jeremiah Gray v. United States Nov 07, 2013
03-CV-266 Woodland Ltd Partnership v. Wulff. Feb 17, 2005
03-AA-210 Joseph Stevenson and Hartford Insurance Company v. DC Department of Employment Services and Joseph Stevenson. Mar 25, 2004
01-BG-1296 In re: Chukwujindu Victor Mbakpuo. Jul 24, 2003
04-CV-1340 Michelle Johnson v. DC, amended. Nov 21, 2007
96-CF-1393 James O. Grayton v. United States. Feb 03, 2000
04-TX-97 Square 345 Ltd. v. DC. May 24, 2007
06-CF-418+ Mitchell and Stroud v. US Dec 31, 2009
16-BG-763 IN RE: RONALD W. GRIGG Respondent. Nov 10, 2016
16-AA-529 Willie T. Craft v. D.C. Water and Sewer Authority Jan 18, 2018
12-PR-1733 In re Estate of Clarateen G. Nelson; James M. Taylor, Jr. Feb 27, 2014
10-AA-1427 David Mallof, et al. v. District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board May 17, 2012
99-CO-1651 Roderick Young v. US. Dec 16, 2004
"99-CF-1277 " Keith Thomas Jr. v. United States. Sep 12, 2002
05-BG-514 In re R. J. Weisbard, amended. Dec 21, 2006
99-BG-4 In re Steven Darrell Ruben. Jul 06, 2000
04-BG-27 In re B. L. Ponds. Dec 15, 2005
08-CF-1444 Shahid Turner v. United States. Aug 25, 2011
15-CO-581 Malik Ferguson v. United States Apr 13, 2017
06-CV-1469+ William Sears, et al. v. Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, et al. Oct 07, 2010
13-CV-798 Victoria Johnson v. Washington Gas Light Company, et al. Feb 12, 2015
14-BG-326 In re: Lee E. Landau Jun 12, 2014
12-CO-472 Jorida Davidson v. United States Jul 19, 2012
05-CO-646 US v. Stephenson. Feb 09, 2006
01-CF-1458 Emmett M. Jones v. United States. Jul 08, 2004
04-CM-532 Betty Goines v. US Jan 29, 2009
99-BG-1248 In Re: R. Greg Bailey, Respondent. Sep 28, 2000
00-CV-1083 Evans-Reid v. DC, decided July 12, 2007. Jul 19, 2007
09-CV-1493 Hilton Burton v. Office of Employee Appeals, et al. Nov 03, 2011
08-CV-1220 Fidelity National Title Insurance Company of New York v. George E. Tillerson, III. Aug 19, 2010
12-CF-2064 Eric D. Foreman v. United States Apr 30, 2015
13-CV-660 & 13-CV-1415 Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers Company, et al. v. Standard Chartered Bank Sep 04, 2014