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Superior Court Remote Hearing Information

The DC Superior Court is conducting most hearings remotely or partially remote. On April 5, 2021, the Court will start limited in person jury trials with protocols to ensure the safety and well‐being of court staff, counsel, parties, and members of the public. Most of the Superior Court hearings are open to the public. Members of the public can join by WebEx, a video-conference application, or by phone.

Audio and video recording; taking pictures of remote hearings; and sharing the live or recorded remote hearing by rebroadcasting, live-streaming or otherwise are not allowed.

Please see the links below for log-in information and how to access remote court hearings. 

Check the Court of Appeals for information on appeals remote hearings. Please check the Coronavirus page for the DC Courts latest operating status and the case types that are being heard.

Parties to cases (plaintiffs, defendants, petitioners and respondents) can find information about remote access and special instructions for their participation on this page: Remote Hearing Information for Parties and Other Court Participants

See the DC Superior Court Online Case Search page to perform a party name or case number search for the date the case is scheduled for a remote hearing.

***Please Note: The DC Courts have remote sites available for those without a home computer or laptop, good WiFi or for other reasons would prefer to participate in a remote hearing from a location other than their home. For information on those sites, please read this helpful one-page tip sheet: Tips for Using DC Courts Remote Hearing Sites.| Spanish | Amharic

CSSD Remote Site Virtual Hearing Flyer | Spanish | Amharic

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