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Probate Practice Standards

The Superior Court of DC Probate Attorney Practice Standards address the general authority and duty of attorneys serving as counsel, guardian, conservator, attorney for personal representative, visitors, and special masters and special administrators, as well as non-lawyers serving as guardians, visitors and examiners in Intervention Proceedings, and personal representatives in Decedent Estates.
Under these standards, those persons appointed to serve in any of these capacities are provided guidance to help them fulfill the duties and responsibilities defined in District law and the Rules of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

The standards identify in all instances the duties and responsibilities of lawyers and non-lawyers appointed in the Probate Division, and full compliance with the standards is required for lawyers and non-lawyers.

For attorneys, the fundamental obligations outlined in these standards are based upon the DC Rules of Professional Conduct, District of Columbia statutes and the Superior Court of DC Rules that govern practice in the Probate Division.

Probate Practice Standards

Probate Division

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