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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to use one of your programs?

The services of the Court’s mediation programs (part of the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division) are free to anyone who lives in the District of Columbia. To get the most out of the Court’s mediation programs, you need to make a good-faith effort to resolve your dispute in a manner that considers everyone concerned.

What if mediation doesn't work?

If your case is already involved in court, you will continue to move forward with your scheduled court hearings. Your next court hearing could be a pre-trial conference, a hearing, or a trial. The mediator cannot be called into court or tell anyone about the discussions you had during mediation. The outcome of your case will not be affected by an attempt to mediate. 

What if mediation or another form of ADR doesn't work in my case?

If your case does not resolve in mediation, your case will proceed to the next scheduled court event. Depending on the case type, you may proceed to a pre-trial conference, a hearing, or trial.