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juvenile FAQs

How can I find the name and phone number of my child's probation officer?

Call 202-879-4742 from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A Family Court Social Services Division staff member will provide the name and phone number of your child's probation officer.

My child is out of control, what can I do?

Call the Juvenile Intake Office at 202-879-4742 or the Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) Office at 202-508-0541 or 0543. A staff member will provide you with information on the availability of court- or community-based services.

My child was arrested last night, where should I go to find out what has happened and to see him or her?

Call the Juvenile Intake Office at (202) 879-4742. A staff member will provide you with information on how to proceed and when/where you will need to report.

What is the Child Guidance/Family Counseling Clinic?

The Child Guidance/Family Counseling Clinic provides comprehensive testing, evaluation and counseling services to court involved youth and their families.

Why am I being referred for family counseling services?

Your probation officer or the judge referred you because they felt your family could benefit from these services so that your child does not return to the criminal justice system.

Why are parents asked to accompany their children/adolescents?

As with any evaluation, parents assist the child or adolescent in finding the Clinic and being prepared for the evaluation, and they provide emotional support. Parents are also an important source of information regarding the child's health, education, development, and adjustment. Parents also ask questions and present their concerns. Parents are essential participants in the assessment as they complete questionnaires that contribute to the comprehensive evaluation.

Why do you ask so many personal questions?

We need to know as much information about the youth and his or her family to make appropriate recommendations for treatment and sentencing.

Why does the Court request psychological evaluations?

The Court orders or requests psychological evaluations to provide information to judges, probation officers, and parents regarding the educational, emotional, and social needs of the child/adolescent for the purpose of planning appropriate interventions.

Why is my son/daughter being reassigned to another probation officer?

Most likely this has happened because his or her case has been transferred to a Social Services Division diagnostic team for the completion of a social study. Your new probation officer has the responsibility to prepare a thorough document for the judge that provides in-depth information on the child. This includes arrest record, family background, education and health histories, and an assessment of identified strengths and needs. The social study concludes with a recommended treatment plan.