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Trusts (TRP) FAQs

Accounting Questions - Can I mail in my account/inventory?

Yes, inventories and accounts may be mailed to the Probate Division, but it is preferable to file them in person so that they may be reviewed for completeness.

Accounting Questions - Must original bank statements and original checks be filed with accounts?

No, copies are acceptable provided that the originals are exhibited at the time of filing.

Other Questions - What documents need to be verified to be filed in the Probate Division?

The following pleadings must be verified to be filed in the Probate Division:

1. All Petitions - SCR-PD 2(b) and 3
2. Complaints filed in Probate Matters - SCR-PD 107(a), and 208(a)
3. Accounts - DC Code 20-721
4. Inventories - DC Code 20-711
5. Guardian Reports - SCR-PD 328
6. Assignments - SCR-PD 120 and 420
7. Claims - DC Code 20-905(a)
8. Affidavits of Mailing and Non-Mailing in Standard Probate - SCR-PD 403(a)(8)
9. Any Affidavit - SCR-CIV 9
10. Verification and Certificate of Notice - SCR-PD 403(b)(3)