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Conservatorship (CON) FAQs

Accounting Questions - Can the inventory or account be filed by mail?

Yes. An inventory or account may be filed by mail, but it is preferable to file in person so that the filing can be reviewed for completeness.

Accounting Questions - How often are accounts filed?

Accounts are due annually no later than thirty days after the anniversary of the date of appointment.

Accounting Questions - Must original bank statements and original checks be filed with accounts?

No. Copies are acceptable provided that the originals are exhibited at the time of filing.

Other Questions - What documents need to be verified to be filed in the Probate Division?

The following pleadings must be verified to be filed in the Probate Division:

1. All Petitions - SCR-PD 2(b) and 3
2. Complaints filed in Probate Matters - SCR-PD 107(a), and 208(a)
3. Accounts - DC Code 20-721
4. Inventories - DC Code 20-711
5. Guardian Reports - SCR-PD 328
6. Assignments - SCR-PD 120 and 420
7. Claims - DC Code 20-905(a)
8. Affidavits of Mailing and Non-Mailing in Standard Probate - SCR-PD 403(a)(8)
9. Any Affidavit - SCR-CIV 9
10. Verification and Certificate of Notice - SCR-PD 403(b)(3)

Serving as a Conservator - The Court has directed me to file a report on the status of the ward. What form should be used?