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Court Navigator Program

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Court Navigators can assist you with:

  • Physical Navigation - Where to go and how to get there
  • Process Navigation - How to complete business at the Courts
  • Service Navigation - Know about services and how to access them

The program currently serves court participants with Small Claims, Probate, and Landlord and Tenant matters.

Please come visit a Court Navigator in Building B (510 4th St, NW) - Room 115 - Phone: (202) 508-1672.

A court navigator can:

  • Explain the court process and what to expect in court.
  • Describe your options for completing your court business.
  • Help you understand court forms.
  • Give you information about legal service organizations. 
  • Refer you to other helpful services.


Court Navigator Program

Program Coordinator: Charles Burke

Court Building B
510 4th Street NW, Room 115
Washington, DC 20001

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Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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