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If it is impossible to serve on the summons date, immediately use the eJuror system or contact the Juror Office at 202-879-4604 (select the Deferral Information option). One change, or deferral, of service is allowed.

Please provide the Juror Office with a mutually agreeable date of service, not to exceed 90 days from the original summons date. The new selected day of the week must be the same day of the original summons. For example, if the original summons date falls on a Tuesday, the deferral date must also be a Tuesday.

The Court does not enroll new jurors for service on federal holidays. Normally, there are no new trials scheduled during the week before Christmas through New Year's Day, so please plan accordingly when deciding on the date(s) you are available to serve.

If an emergency prevents you from appearing on the deferred date, contact the Juror Office at 202-879-4604 immediately for advice.

Although the court will automatically mail a confirmation of deferral date, mail delivery may be adversely affected by holidays and/or inclement weather conditions. It is recommended that you mark the new service date prominently on a calendar or scheduler. It is a resident's responsibility to report on the deferred date, whether or not the confirmation notice is received by mail.