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Step 01
Step 01
Receive Summons
Step 02
Step 02
Login to eJuror
Step 03
Step 03
Bring ID and Summons

Residents are randomly selected by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to perform a vital service to the community-Jury Duty. If summoned, visit eJuror Services at to complete the juror qualification form. Log in using the bar-coded juror number that appears on the summons. Unless notified otherwise, residents are required to report for service on the summons date.

Please bring jury summons as well as a valid photo ID on the reporting date. To best ensure safety and security, all persons entering the Courthouse must pass through a magnetometer upon arrival. Sharp metal items, recording equipment and cameras are prohibited. If brought into the Courthouse, such items will be confiscated.

Jurors serve on a petit or grand jury, as indicated on the summons. Petit jurors decide either civil or criminal cases. Most cases last 3-5 days. Panel selections can often last more than one day.

Grand jurors investigate accusations of crimes committed against the District of Columbia. Grand jurors serve for a total of 27 workdays. There is no "call-in" system to see if grand jurors are needed. If summoned for grand jury, please report each day for 27 days.

By law, jury service is compulsory in the District of Columbia. Residents are not excused from service based on occupation. To make jury service as convenient as possible, the Superior Court uses a "'One Trial or One Day" jury selection process for petit jurors. Service to the Court should end if a resident is not selected for a trial on your first day of service.

Learn about the DC Superior Court Jury Plan.

Business Center

A Business Center is available for jurors as they wait to be called for panels. The Center is located inside the Jurors' Lounge.

The room is equipped with individual workstations. WiFi access is available in the Business Center as well as in the Jurors' Lounge.

Public Transit

Public transit to the Courthouse is strongly recommended. Parking costs are prohibitive in the surrounding areas and meter enforcement is strict. The Courthouse is accessible by Metro on both the Red Line (Judiciary Square exit) and the Green Line (Navy Memorial/Archives exit).


Jurors who serve receive $57 daily. Full-time government employees and private employees that are paid their normal salary while on jury duty receive a $7 daily travel stipend. All juror travel subsidies and fees are issued by VISA debit card.