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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are published in print and on the DCCA website. They are binding precedent, which means they can be cited as supporting authority in other cases.


The court issues a Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an issue of continuing public interest, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The decisions are issued by the panel (per curiam), not under the name of an individual judge. They are not published, and except as permitted by Appellate Rule 28(g), they may not be cited as supporting authority in other cases. For that reason, the court only lists online the names and case numbers of MOJs that have been issued. If a party or other interested person believes that a specific MOJ should be published, the party or interested person may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
16-AA-751 Clark Construction Group v. DOES & Darrell Banks
15-AA-912 Rachael B. Storey v. DOES & The Catholic Univ. & Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. (AMENDED OPINION)
96-CV-1141 Robert H. Neuman v. Jerome P. Akman Aug 06, 1998
97-BG-552 In Re: Richard C. Deering Aug 06, 1998
96-CF-442 Michelle Francis v. United States. Aug 06, 1998
95-CO-998 Cleveland Wright v. United States. Aug 06, 1998
94-CF-1142, 97-CO-246 Herman Page v. United States. Aug 06, 1998
96-CV-794 N.P.P. Contractors, Inc. v. John Canning & Company Aug 06, 1998
96-CV-985 Habibah Haqq v. Barbara Jean Dancy-Bey. Aug 13, 1998
96-CV-1720 Bisi Dada v. Children's National Medical Center Aug 13, 1998
93-CV-407 Katherine Herbert v. District of Columbia. Aug 13, 1998
96-CV-495 Bell Atlantic - Washington, DC, Inc. v. Nazario Construction Co., Inc. Aug 13, 1998
97-CV-5 Sarah L. Bnoden v. Consolidated Rail Corporation. Aug 20, 1998
97-CV-261 District of Columbia v. Elijah Karriem. Aug 20, 1998
98-AA-94 Fair Care Found., A.G. Newmyer, III, J.R. Hunter, S. McFarland, T.J.H. Delaney, S. Cullman, & J. Melrod v. DC Dept. of Ins. and Securities Reg. & Group Hospitalization and Medical Services. Aug 27, 1998
96-BG-1551, 96-BG-1679 In re Lawrence L. Bell and Richard D. Paugh, Respondents. Aug 27, 1998
97-AA-1728 Alvin W. Long, Jr. v. District of Columbia Department of Employment Services. Aug 27, 1998
96-FS-806 In re R.M.C. Aug 27, 1998
96-CF-1381 Dawayne M. Brooks v. United States. Aug 27, 1998
96-CV-1373 United Mine Workers of America, International Union v. Jean L. (Marat) Moore. Sep 03, 1998
95-CM-961, 95-CM-1036 Dennis R. McDaniels v. United States. Sep 03, 1998
96-BG-1504 In re N. Jerome Willingham. Sep 03, 1998
97-CO-425 Anthony E. Bragdon v. United States. Sep 03, 1998
96-CV-1692 Metropolitan Baptist Church v. District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs -- Historic Preservation Review Board and Logan Circle Community Association. Sep 03, 1998
95-CO-1589 Charles R. Harman v. United States. Sep 03, 1998
96-CV-1372 Richard B. Steinkamp v. Marjorie Hodson. Sep 03, 1998
94-CF-97, 94-CF-535 DeAngelo A. Green and Thomas B. Landon v. United States. Sep 03, 1998
95-CV-51 Harold T. Freas, Sr. v. Archer Services, Inc. Sep 03, 1998
94-CF-1122, 96-CO-1019 Grant D. Moctar v. United States. Sep 03, 1998
97-CV-1411, 97-CV-1412 Alan A. D'Ambrosio v. The Colonnade Council of Unit Owners. Sep 10, 1998
97-CO-828 Robert Lee Parrish v. District of Columbia. Sep 10, 1998
97-CV-193, 97-CV-209 Tierney B. McCracken v. David Walls-Kaufman. Sep 10, 1998
97-CV-1109 Valerie Anderson v. Theodore R. George. Sep 10, 1998
96-BG-1244 In re Karen S. Day. Sep 10, 1998
94-CF-981, 94-CF-1059 Louis Bolanos and William Guzman v. United States. Sep 14, 1998
97-AA-897 Mirinda Jackson v. District of Columbia Police and Firefighters Retirement and Relief Board. Sep 17, 1998
96-PR-837 In re Estate of Felicia Spinner Old Republic Insurance Company. Sep 17, 1998
96-CV-997 Tracie Washington v. Guest Services, Inc. Sep 17, 1998
97-AA-273 Edward C. Hill, Jr. v. District of Columbia Department of Employment Services. Sep 17, 1998
96-CV-1749 Mohammad Siddiq v. Michael Ostheimer. Sep 24, 1998
91-CF-304, 96-CO-1255 Maurice A. Alexander v. United States. Sep 24, 1998
96-BG-692 In the Matter of Dan Ray Kiely, Esquire. Sep 24, 1998
96-FS-1804 In re E.H. Oct 01, 1998
94-CF-635 Sean Qualls v. United States. Oct 01, 1998
96-CV-1494 One 1995 Toyota Pick-up Truck (Braulio Esparza, Claimant) v. District of Columbia. Oct 01, 1998
97-SP-613 Leslie East v. Graphic Arts Industry Joint Pension Trust. Oct 01, 1998
94-CV-636 Frederic W. Schwartz, Jr. v. Franklin National Bank. Oct 01, 1998
96-CV-862, 96-CV-957 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority v. Frances Jeanty. Oct 01, 1998
98-FS-443 In re D.R. Oct 01, 1998
94-CF-1555, 96-CO-1792 Troy P. James v. United States. Oct 08, 1998