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DC Court of Appeals Opinions and MOJs


The court publishes opinions in cases that provide both the litigants and the trial court with guidance, create new law, or interpret statutes or concepts. These decisions are published in print and on the DCCA website. They are binding precedent, which means they can be cited as supporting authority in other cases.


The court issues a Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (MOJ) in cases where the decision does not create new law, decide an issue of continuing public interest, or interpret a statute or concept that has yet to be reviewed. The decisions are issued by the panel (per curiam), not under the name of an individual judge. They are not published, and except as permitted by Appellate Rule 28(g), they may not be cited as supporting authority in other cases. For that reason, the court only lists online the names and case numbers of MOJs that have been issued. If a party or other interested person believes that a specific MOJ should be published, the party or interested person may file a motion to publish no later than 30 days after the MOJ issues.

Appeal Number Case Date Disposition Judge
02-BG-222 "In re Phyllis J. Baron ." Oct 10, 2002
02-BG-929 "In re Richard L. Fields ." Oct 10, 2002
98-CF-119 "Terrence Ford v. United States (see 8/12/04 order/opinion denying rehearing) Sep 21, 2000
Tolson, Inc. v. D.C. Does 02-AA-1024 Sep 30, 2003 Affirmed none
Edwards v. U.S. 02-CM-1446 Dec 16, 2003 Affirmed Fisher
15-AA-1135 1101 K Street, NW Acquisitions LLC v. DC Board of Zoning Adjustment Apr 13, 2017 Vacated and Remanded D.C. Board of Zoning
06-CV-838 1230-1250 Twenty-Third Street v. Richard Bolandz. Aug 27, 2009
11-CV-1392 1250 Ninth Street, LLC v. Sheri Hollis-Mosby, et al Jun 11, 2013 Affirmed Greene
10-CV-404 1303 Clifton Street, LLC v. District of Columbia, et al. Mar 08, 2012
06-CV-822+ 1417 Chapin v. Preister Jun 29, 2007 Affirmed Canan
02-CV-893 1618 Twenty-First Street Tenants' Association, Inc. v. The Phillips Collection (corrected 8/6/03). Jul 24, 2003
06-CV-1460 1836 S Street Tenants v. Estate of Battle. Feb 05, 2009
11-AA-245 1900 M Restaurant Assoc., Inc. v. District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Nov 29, 2012
13-CV-386 1921 Rosedale Street Trust v. Tervin Mortgage Trust 2005-4HE Mar 20, 2014 Affirmed Hon. John Ramsey Johnson
14-CV-201 2003 11th Street, LLC v. Mahogany, LLC Aug 31, 2015 Reversed Honorable Laura R. Cordero
09-CV-992 2230 Adams, LLC v. Waste Management of Maryland, Inc. Mar 31, 2011 Reverse and Remand Holeman
07-CV-1357 2348 Ainger Place v. DC et al. Oct 08, 2009
09-AA-19 2401 v. Arencibia Jun 03, 2010 Affirmed
08-CV-1337 3511-13th Street v. Sonnythia Lewis, et al. Apr 22, 2010
12-AA-153 484 O.P.C.O., LLC v. Mayor of the District of Columbia, et al Jun 11, 2013 Affirmed
97-AA-1758 5000 Wisconsin Avenue Inc., Petitioner, v. DC Office of Workers' Compensation. Apr 08, 1999
07-CV-170 6921 Georgia Avenue v. Universal Community. Aug 07, 2008
09-AA-238 800 Water Street v. District of Columbia. Apr 15, 2010
17-BG-881 In re Micah Jared Smith Dec 06, 2018
16-CV-881, 17-CV-23 Unification Church International, et al. v. Family Federation for World Peace & Unification Int'l, et al. Jun 08, 2018 Affirmed Hon. John M. Mott
15-CM-234  Andrew L. Weems v. United States   Aug 09, 2018
17-BG-369  In re: Phoebe Leslie Deak   Dec 14, 2017
04-CV-550+ 2200 M Street v. Mackell etc., decided December 31, 2007. Dec 31, 2007
17-AA-13 2461 Corp. t/a Madam's Organ v. DC Alcoholic Beverage Control Bd. May 01, 2018 Affirmed Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
06-CV-65+ 3511 Thirteenth Tenants v. 3511 Thirteenth Residences. Apr 19, 2007
16-CV-977 4700 Conn 305 Trust v. Capital One Sep 13, 2018
08-CV-1571+ order 718 Associates Trustee 718 NW Trust v. Bryant Banks, et al. Dec 15, 2011
08-CV-1571+ 718 Associates, Trustee 718 Nw Trust v. Bryant Banks and Sheilla Banks. Jun 23, 2011
14-CF-1375 Carlos Davis v. United States Aug 10, 2017
15-CM-1176 Clinton Turner v. United States Aug 10, 2017
15-FS-1417 In re K.M.; M.M. Aug 10, 2017
08-BG-1160 In Re Barry Downey Jun 29, 2017
17-BG-436 In re Bernard Coleman Jun 29, 2017
17-BG-226 In re Kevin Roy Jun 29, 2017
17-BG-225 In re Mark Allenbaugh Jun 29, 2017
17-BG-227 In re Wayne Hartke Jun 29, 2017
15-CV-210 Jeanette Bruce v. PEPCO Jun 29, 2017
15-AA-386 Nelson Bostic v. DC Housing Authority Jun 29, 2017
15-CV-524 & 15-CV-559 Wilfred Welsh v. McNeil & Elliott Jun 29, 2017
17-BG-534 In re: Alecia Schmuhl Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1079 In re: Donald B. Terrell Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-489 In re: Linda K. Hanten Oct 26, 2017
17-BG-224 In re: Randy McRae Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1081 In re: Ricardo Vidal Oct 26, 2017
17-BS-1080 In re: Robert Geoffrey Broderick Oct 26, 2017