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District of Columbia Courts

Benefits of the DC Courts

The District of Columbia Courts is an independent agency of the District of Columbia Government and is not under the authority of the City Mayor or the DC Council. DC Courts' appropriation comes directly from Congress. All DC Courts non-judicial employees receive federal benefits for the following programs:  Life Insurance, Retirement Benefits, Health Insurance and Workers Compensation.

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Leave Policy:

The DC Courts leave policy is as follows:

Annual Leave:  New full-time employees earn four (4) hours of annual leave each two week pay period. After three years of service this increases to six (6) hours every two weeks, and at 15 years it increases to eight (8) hours every two weeks.

Most military, federal and District of Columbia government service counts toward the time required to go into the next higher annual leave category. Employees can carry over no more than 240 hours of annual leave into the next leave year.

Sick leave is used for personal medical needs, care of a family member, or adoption-related purposes. Full-time employees earn four (4) hours of sick leave every two weeks. You can accrue this leave without limit.

Additional Benefits:

In addition to the federal health plans, we offer employees supplemental vision and dental plans as well as commuter transit benefit subsidy, for a maximum of $150 a month.

There are 26 pay periods in the year.