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Volunteering as a Mediator

All mediation done within the Superior Court of the District of Columbia happens within the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division (Multi-Door). Multi-Door seeks to attract a diverse mediator panel which reflects the community it serves. To that end, there are two tracks to become a mediator with Multi-Door:

  • Through division-sponsored training (periodically, when the programs determine a need for new mediators).
  • Through the open enrollment process for highly-qualified mediators (on a rolling basis). Please do NOT use the Open Enrollment application to apply for training.
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Applying to Mediate at Multi-Door

Apply for Basic Mediator Training

  • Submit your email address in the box below to be notified of future trainings.
  • When training is scheduled, you will be invited to apply.
  • Multi-Door staff will review your application materials. If selected, you will be invited to attend the training. In some cases, interviews may be conducted prior to selection for training.
  • Candidates must complete the entire training progression, including a one-year probation period, before being eligible to apply for training in another Multi-Door program.
  • To be selected for training in the Civil, Tax, and Probate Mediation Programs, applicants must be attorneys currently admitted to the bar in any US state. There are no specific professional requirements to apply to train and mediate in Multi-Door's other mediation programs. A diverse range of professional backgrounds enhances Multi-Door's mediator rosters.
  • At the completion of training and a mentorship with an experienced Multi-Door mediator, cases are assigned based on the needs of the program.

Those with significant experience performing as a neutral in mediation processes are encouraged to apply through Open Enrollment. Please see the Open Enrollment section for more information.

The Training Progression

To become a mediator through training with the Multi-Door Division, an applicant must fulfill ALL requirements listed below within the prescribed time. A candidate must:

  • Apply to and be selected for training with one of the mediation programs within the Multi-Door Division (Family, Child Protection, Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant, or Civil). Successfully complete mediation training.
  • Within 6 months of finishing specialized training, successfully complete a mentorship specific to the applicable mediation program. The exact duration and schedule varies by program and by the individual progress of a prospective mediator, but will not exceed 6 months.
  • Mediate 3-6 cases, as specified by the applicable program, without a stipend payment.
  • After fulfilling the obligation to mediate without a stipend, a mediator must successfully complete a 1-year probation period during which stipends will be provided. Mediators are expected to participate regularly throughout the probation year. Participation requirements vary by program and will be outlined in the training solicitation announcement. The requirement does not create an obligation for the program to supply a prospective mediator with the guaranteed number of hours. Based on the program's case load, the number of hours may be less. Until a 1-year commitment is fulfilled, an applicant is considered on probation and is not formally placed on the mediation roster.


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Through Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is an application process for people who have previously completed a basic training of at least 40 hours and have significant experience mediating cases relevant to the court. Specific requirements and the application materials are below. Applicants must specify a program of interest. Please note that supplemental application materials are required in the Child Protection and Family Mediation Programs.

Open Enrollment Process and Qualifications START HERE
Supplemental Child Protection Open Enrollment Application START HERE
Supplemental Family Open Enrollment Application START HERE
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Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division

Director: Brad Palmore

Court Building C
410 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mediation Hours:
Mediation times vary by program. Please click on a specific program to view mediation times.

Telephone Numbers

General Information:
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Case Inquiries, all case types:
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