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Parentage and Child Support Branch

The Parentage and Child Support Branch (P&S) of the Family Court is the primary location for processing all cases seeking the establishment of parentage and/or child support. The branch is also responsible for processing bench warrants (arrest) orders.

Payments are accepted at the Family Finance Office, JM-300, for copies of marriage licenses and other Family Court fees. One-time child support payments are also accepted at the Family Finance Office with a judge’s order. All other child support payments must be mailed to: DC Child Support Clearinghouse; PO Box 37715; Washington, DC 20013

The P&S Branch works collaboratively with the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) of the Office of Attorney General (OAG) to perform the legal functions associated with the District government’s child support program.

The P&S Branch provides excellent customer service and assists customers with:

  • Copies of parentage and child support orders
  • Copies of payment history print-outs
  • Review of court records
  • Verification of court hearing dates
  • Resolution of customer service inquiries
  • Receipting of child support payments and other court fees

For all P&S customer service inquiries, please call (202) 879-1212 or report to room JM 300. To acquire an estimated figure in regards to the amount of the child support payments to be paid based on the current child support guidelines, please visit the Child Support Guideline Calculator.

Note: the payment amount given is not final and can be subject to change.

Family Court

Presiding Judge: Hon. Darlene M. Soltys
Deputy Presiding Judge: Hon. Kelly Higashi
Director: Avrom D. Sickel, Esq.
Deputy Director: Toni F. Gore

Moultrie Courthouse
500 Indiana Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

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Hours of Operation

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Telephone Number
(202) 879-1212