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When your child is arrested, he or she is taken to the Youth Services Center for screening and interviewing by a juvenile probation officer. The Youth Service Center is located at Mount Olivet Road, Northeast. He or she is then transported to the Moultrie Courthouse for an initial hearing before a judge. The Courthouse is located at 500 Indiana Avenue, NW.

A Juvenile Probation Officer located in Room 4206 of the Courthouse will meet with the parent/guardian, screen the case and prepare recommendations to be presented in an initial hearing before the judge.

The initial hearing is your child’s first appearance before a judge to determine detention or release and, if he or she is released, the rules he or she must follow. Initial hearings are held in courtroom JM-15 located on the JM level of the Moultrie Courthouse. Once you have completed the screening process, an attorney will be assigned to your child if you cannot afford one. He or she will represent your child throughout the case.

Family Court Social Services Division

Court Building B
510 4th Street, NW, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20001

General Information
(202) 508-1900

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Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone Numbers

Director: Terri Odom
terri.odom [at] (terri[dot]odom[at]dcsc[dot]gov)

Acting Deputy Director: Dr. Michael E. Barnes
micheal.barnes [at] (micheal[dot]barnes[at]dcsc[dot]gov)

Associate Deputy Director Intake & Delinquency
Pauline Francis

Associate Deputy Director: Jacqueline Wright

Associate Deputy Director Region II, Pre and
Post Supervision:
Sheila Roberson-Adams

Acting Chief Psychologist Child Guidance Clinic:
Dr. Malcolm Woodland