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A person is eligible for compensation by the Crime Victims Compensation Program if...

  1. The victim suffered personal injury (physical injury or emotional trauma) or death in the District of Columbia - or the victim is a resident of the District who has suffered personal injury as a result of a terrorist act or act of mass violence committed outside of the United States.
  2. The crime was reported to law enforcement within seven days of occurrence. Exceptions: victims of sexual assault may satisfy reporting requirement by obtaining a sexual assault examination; victims of domestic violence may satisfy requirement by seeking a civil protection order; and the reporting requirement is met by victims of child cruelty if a neglect petition is filed in the DC Superior Court.
  3. Application for compensation is filed within one year after the crime - or within one year of learning about the program, if adequately showing that the delay was reasonable.
  4. The victim cooperates with reasonable law enforcement requests to apprehend the offender.
  5. The victim did not participate in, consented to, or provoked the crime that caused his or her injury.
  6. The award of compensation does not unjustly enrich the offender.

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Crime Victims Compensation Program

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