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Strategic Plan Contributors

Many people and organizations contributed to this Plan. The Courts’ Strategic Planning Leadership Council undertook a year-long outreach effort to gather the opinions of justice system participants. Over 3,500 stakeholders including litigants, jurors, justice system and community partners, members of the Bar, and the D.C. Courts’ judiciary and court staff participated in surveys and focus groups to provide their views on the Courts’ priorities over the next five years.

External Stakeholders

A three-day outreach effort to all persons visiting court buildings assessed their views on access to the Courts, fair treatment, and overall satisfaction with their court experience. Over 1,400 attorneys practicing in the D.C. Courts responded to an online survey of over 80 questions. Justice system partners and District of Columbia and federal government agencies completed an online survey. Meetings were held with key justice commissions and voluntary bar associations.

Internal Stakeholders

The D.C. Courts’ personnel contributed immensely to the development of this Plan. The judiciary participated in a strategic planning survey which solicited their input on a variety of topics related to calendar and case management, service to the public, the Courts’ role and responsibilities in the community, court administration and funding, workplace environment, and continuing education opportunities. Employee responses to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey were analyzed, a series of strategic planning sessions were held, and employees contributed many ideas on how to improve service to the public and make the D.C. Courts a “Great Place to Work.” Their input is reflected throughout the plan.

In addition to soliciting direct feedback from court participants and personnel, the D.C. Courts’ Strategic Planning Leadership Council reviewed studies and reports on the demographic and economic profiles of the local community including a presentation by the D.C. Office of Planning, public safety and criminal justice issues, and other topics, to develop our strategic plan.