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All individuals and organizations seeking DC Courts data or the support of DC Courts in research should complete a Data Request Form. Individuals and organizations who are not associated with the DC or Federal Government should complete the DC Courts Data and Research Request Form A (Public). Individuals and organizations who are associated with the DC or Federal Government should complete the DC Courts Data and Research Request Form B (Non-Public). This form should be completed electronically and submitted to the Strategic Management Division at SMDData [at] If you have questions on completing the form, please consult the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.


The Strategic Management Division works to build the Courts' capacity to develop, execute, and evaluate strategy and performance to better serve the public. We provide innovative strategies and evidence-based information to develop policies, enhance the administration of justice, and improve the quality of services at the DC Courts. The division performs strategic planning, analysis, research, and performance measurement functions to enhance strategic management of the DC Courts. Our services enable judges and court administrators to make decisions based on evidence and best practices, and facilitate the Courts’ performance monitoring and accountability to the public as the District’s Judicial Branch.

The Strategic Management Division team is responsible for:

Strategic Planning and Development: leading court planning and development initiatives to set organizational goals, foster innovation and change management, and promote effective strategy execution. The Division works collaboratively with other divisions in ongoing efforts to develop strategic and performance solutions to enhance the delivery of justice. Staff works continuously with the Strategic Planning Leadership Council (SPLC) resulting in a Strategic Plan for the Courts every five years and to monitor implementation.

Research and Evaluation: designing and executing research studies, program evaluations, and data, policy, and business process analyses to evaluate court programs, services and operations. Research results are used to inform program enhancements, request funding for new services, and reengineer business operations to increase efficiency. The Division promotes collaborative partnerships and data exchanges with external research organizations and academic institutions to support evaluation initiatives that will enhance the state of knowledge about the justice system.

Organizational Performance: working with court leadership to identify organizational performance measures that align with the Strategic Plan and focus on outcomes important to the public. Division staff work closely with the Chief Judge's Performance Standards Committee to foster continuous performance improvement within Superior Court, and with divisions to develop cost-effective data collection and reporting procedures that adhere to quality standards. The Division co-leads the Courts' business intelligence program with the Information Technology Division. The Courts' ability to monitor its performance as a public institution is essential to maintaining the independence of the Judicial Branch, as well as the trust and confidence of the community.

Strategic Management Division

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