Seals of the Court of Appeals and Superior Court
District of Columbia Courts

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division (ITD) is committed to excellence and to ensuring that the business of the DC Courts is efficient and effective by providing a state-of-an-art information technology infrastructure and systems that are reliable, scalable and secure. The ITD strives to work closely with all court divisions to identify and support their information technology needs. In addition, the ITD endeavors to provide technology that streamlines processes and improves public services. The ITD maintains and provides a network and a framework for the DC Courts. Some of these services include network design and maintaining core switching and core network operating centers. The ITD is also responsible for performing administrative and technical work in design, planning, hardware and software installation, storage, backup, hardware purchasing, training, and maintenance of the Courts’ information systems. The ITD maintains email communication services, web services, and application support.

Office of the CIO

Provides technology vision and roadmap to achieve short-term and long-term strategic goals
Prepares annual Division-level operating and capital budgets, and ensures operation within them
Establishes IT policies and IT enterprise architecture
Oversees result-driven performance management

Program Management Office

Manages all IT projects by using industry-best practices

IT Service Desk & Customer Services Branch

Provides help desk call center support for all desktops, laptops equipment and peripherals
Creates images to allow for expeditious deployment of applications to all desktops and laptops, and other equipment
Manages IT assets
Manages IT small purchases

Applications Development Branch

Develops enterprise-level and division-level reports
Develops interfaces between software applications

Business Analysis Branch

Provides case management systems functional support
Provides case management systems training
Documents business requirements for new software development and process improvement projects

Courtroom Technology Branch

Deploys IT new technology to courtrooms
Provides support to video conferencing
Edits, dubs, and duplicates audio and videos
Operates and manages the Superior Court’s audio recording system for a total of 93 courtrooms and hearing rooms located in the Moultrie Building, Court Building A, and Court Building B
Monitors courtroom proceedings
Prepares audio for transcription

Information Security Branch

Establishes IT Security Policies and Procedures
Manages all IT security equipment and security applications
Conduct internal IT security audits

Network & Telecommunication Branch

Manages all network equipment
Manages all servers and storages that host enterprise software applications and databases
Provides telecommunications services

Production Support Branch

Provides quality control and assurance before deploying software applications to production
Provides software applications and databases production support

Server Storage Branch

Provisions and maintains servers, centralized storage, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
Provides messaging services

Information Technology

Court Building C
410 E Street, NW, Suite 2400
Washington, DC 20001

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Hours of Operation

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone Number

Ronald Berry, Chief Information Officer:
(202) 508-1849