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District of Columbia Courts

Clerking or Interning on the D.C. Court of Appeals

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals is composed of a Chief Judge and eight Associate Judges and assisted by a number of senior judges. The Chief Judge and the Associate Judges each hire two to three law clerks annually. The senior judges hire law clerks annually as a group.

Compensation of judicial law clerks in the District of Columbia Courts is generally based on the federal judiciary salary plan, but the Courts retain ultimate discretion. Law clerks with no prior legal experience will receive pay at a grade 11, step 1; law clerks with prior legal experience may be eligible to receive pay at a grade 11, with steps. The federal pay scale can be found at the United States Courts website, on the Judiciary Salary Plan Pay Rates page for the Washington, D.C. area (Table DCB).

Some Associate Judges also accept law students as interns both during the school year and during the summer; these positions are unpaid. Law schools may offer course credit; that inquiry should be taken up with the school administration.

More specific information regarding clerking or interning for individual Judges may be obtained by clicking on the links provided below. For information related to hiring by the senior judges, please click on the Senior Judges' link.

Chief Judge

Anna Blackburne-Rigsby

Associate Judges

Corinne Beckwith
Catharine Easterly
Roy W. McLeese
Joshua Deahl
John P. Howard
Loren AliKhan
Vijay Shanker

Senior Judges

Eric T. Washington
John M. Steadman
Vanessa Ruiz
John R. Fisher
Phyllis D. Thompson
Stephen H. Glickman