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Oral Arguments

The court now provides real-time access to oral arguments in each of its two courtrooms. Most arguments are held in the Main Courtroom of the Court of Appeals, but the court also occasionally holds arguments—particularly en banc arguments—in the Ceremonial Courtroom.

See the Court of Appeals Calendar for the schedule of arguments.

To view the oral arguments video archives, click here.

To listen to live streaming audio from the Main Courtroom of the Court of Appeals, click here.

To view live streaming video from the Ceremonial Courtroom of the Court of Appeals, use the video window below.



Video broadcasts can now be viewed on all media platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.


The Court of Appeals has contracted for a specified number of simultaneous users to access this service. If that number is exceeded, you will get a message that indicates that the server is full. The Court will monitor usage and increase the number of permissible simultaneous users if demand warrants such an increase.

Oral Argument Calendar

Occasionally the Court of Appeals will stream video as well as audio from the Ceremonial Courtroom. Please consult the calendar to find the date and time of scheduled oral arguments.


If the stream you are accessing stops or becomes garbled, please refresh your browser window. Streams become active approximately 5 minutes before the beginning of oral arguments. If you encounter technical difficulties accessing the streams, you may contact support personnel at (202) 879-2881 or (202) 879-2737.