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eFiling in the Probate Division

eFiling is a method of submitting filings and transmitting orders to the court. It also provides lawyers, their clients, and self-represented parties with access to filings made in the following Probate Division case types: ADM (Large Decedents’ Estates); SEB (Small Decedents’ Estates); FEP (Foreign Decedents’ Estates); INT (Intervention Proceedings); IDD (Interventions-Developmental Disability); FOI (Foreign Intervention Proceedings); CON (Former Law Conservatorships); GDN (Guardianship of Minors’ Estates); TRP (Trusts); NRT (Notice of Revocable Trusts); DIS (Disclaimers); LIT (Major Litigation); PBM (Probate Miscellaneous); and WIL (Wills).

eFiling began on a voluntary basis for all Probate Division cases on September 24, 2013, pursuant to Administrative Order 13-15.

As of November 1, 2013, all documents submitted in Probate Division cases are to be eFiled by mandatory eFilers and by parties who are not mandatory eFilers but chose to register in a particular case for eFiling. Mandatory eFilers include: all attorneys (whether serving as counsel, fiduciary, or otherwise), all members of the Fiduciary Panel, Examiner Panel, and Visitor Panel, and all participants in the Non-Lawyer Guardianship Pilot Project.

All mandatory eFilers must be registered for eFiling. See Registration Information, below.

Note that the following filings are excluded from eFiling and must be filed in paper: Wills and codicils; Initial pleadings that open a Probate Division case (all subsequent filings of proofs of service should be eFiled); Petitions to Re-Open the Administration of an Estate and Requests for Extension of Personal Representative’s Appointment in a closed case; Bonds; Verifications and Certificates of Notice when additional court costs are due; Sealed documents and documents for which a request to be placed under seal has been filed, but not motions to seal; Personal Identification Information (Form 26) forms, generally filed with the initial pleading that opens a Probate Division case; Filings that require payment of court costs that vary in amount or deposits into the Estate Deposit Account; Inventories and accounts and supporting documents containing financial information; Exhibits or other documents that are real objects, such as x-ray film or blueprints, or that otherwise may not be viewed comprehensively in an electronic format; and Matters reviewed by the Office of the Register of Wills and forwarded to the Judge in Chambers, such as Petitions for a General Proceeding seeking appointment of an emergency guardian or health care guardian, subpoenas for medical records, and applications requesting that the filer be granted permission to proceed in forma pauperis in a particular case.

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