Seals of the Court of Appeals and Superior Court
District of Columbia Courts

Civil Judges E-Service Emails

  • Judge Kelly Higashi: judgehigashieserve [at]
  • Judge Michael Rankin: judgerankineserve [at]
  • Judge Jennifer Anderson: judgeandersoneserve [at]
  • Judge Yvonne Williams: judgewilliamseserve [at]
  • Judge Fern Saddler: judgesaddlereserve [at]
  • Judge William Jackson: judgewjacksoneserve [at]
  • Judge Florence Pan: judgepaneserve [at]
  • Judge Robert Rigsby: judgerigsbyeserve [at]
  • Judge Hiram Puig-Lugo: judgepuiglugoeserve [at]
  • Judge Heidi Pasichow: judgepasichoweserve [at]
  • Judge John Campbell: judgecampbelleserve [at]
  • Judge Jose Lopez: judgelopezeserve [at]
  • Judge Laura Cordero: judgecorderoeserve [at]
  • Judge Anthony Epstein: judgepsteineserve [at]
  • Magistrate Judge Adrienne Noti: magistratejudgenotieserve [at]
  • Magistrate Judge Sherry Trafford: magistratejudgetraffordeserve [at]
  • Magistrate Judge Katherine Wiedmann: magistratejudgewiedmanneserve [at]
  • Magistrate Judge Tanya Jones Bosier: magistratejudgejonesbosiereserve [at]