Walter E Washington Convention Center

April 10, 2014

Coffee will be available for purchase during the break in front of the Convention Center.
LUNCH will be provided.

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Thank You!

The members of the Family Court Training Committee (the Committee) extend their sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who helped plan this extraordinary Conference. In planning this Conference, the Committee has tried to offer new educational perspectives and practical resources and solutions to empower teenaged parents and those organizations who assist them. No matter the obstacles, there is a way to learn to make better choices and if need be, acquire great parenting skills.

A very special thank you to all of the distinguished speakers and presenters who agreed to participate today. To all of the professionals in the agencies that help to make a real difference in the lives of many young families everyday, thank you for what you do. Regardless of the challenges, there is always the hope of making a better life. It is through the collaboration and coordination of all of these entities: the D.C. Courts, law enforcement, government agencies, and community service providers, that young lives will be transformed. Many thanks are also extended to all of the agency representatives who joined the Committee to assist and those who came to the conference to share their literature, information and ideas about how to better understand and how to mentor, accept, embrace, and transform the lives of teenaged parents. It is the Committee’s sincere hope that every participant will take away something of value and meaning that will enable them to assist more effectively and make a real and measurable difference in the lives of the teenaged parents they serve, and in the community at large.