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ePay: User Guide and Information

ePay allows the public to make payments electronically, through the convenience of the web on obligations ordered by the court. Users can access ePay through the Online Case Search system, eAccess, to make payments. 

ePay is:  

  • Only available for Criminal cases in eAccess at this time  
  • Only available for existing “monies owed” on cases – fines, fees, VVCA, Crime Victims
  • available once court-ordered obligations for a case have been set up in the CourtView system (the option to pay is not available before then)
  • NOT available for payments on bond obligations

Please note that the DC Courts currently only accept cards containing the VISA and MasterCard logos and Discover. PIN only - based Debit Cards are not acceptable.  

Click to see a step-by-step guide explaining how to use ePay,

Watch a video tutorial on how to use the system

For the Online Case Search system, eAccess, see here