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DeeBELLEISLE.jpgDespina (Dee) Belle-Isle, J.D., has worked with the Family Court of the Superior Court since 2001.  She currently serves the Family Court as Attorney Advisor providing legal assistance and support to the Court with respect to federal and local statutes, regulations and rules relating to child abuse and neglect.  She also works on the Court Improvement Project technology and training grants.  She provides training to judges, court personnel, attorneys and outside agencies on various aspects of the Adoption and Safe Families Act, and a variety of other topics.  In addition, she serves on many Family Court committees including the Adoption and Guardianship Rules committees, the Interdisciplinary Training committee, the Abuse and Neglect Subcommittee, the Child Welfare Leadership Team, among others.  Previously, she served as a Special Master overseeing the Remedial Project and the Permanency Resolution Program (a mediation program aimed at reaching permanency more quickly).  Prior to coming to the Court, Ms. Belle-Isle worked as a trial attorney practicing in the areas of child abuse/neglect, criminal defense and delinquency, personal injury and medical malpractice, real estate, domestic relations and general commercial litigation.


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